Caramel Nut Tarts

I made these little beauties at work about a week ago for a dinner and there were 2 left, so I thought I’d take some pikchas for you vultures and share a recipe. I wanted to make something like the caramel nut tarts from Bouchon Bakery (and you can find the recipe here), but individual […]

Lemon+Coconut Chiffon

This has been my sister’s favourite cake ever since I made it for her birthday some years ago. I remember it being the very first layer cake I ever made that wasn’t chocolate, and the very first chiffon cake I ever made that I didn’t fuck up. It’s a special one to me, kids. It’s […]

Maple Bacon Caramel Macarons

I seemed to have a large abundance of egg whites hanging out in my fridge, and just the right amount of almond flour hiding in my cupboard. I knew it was time. Time to tackle macarons again. But what kind shall I make?!?! I still had two little bottles of yuzu juice, and thought to […]