About the Blog

Hi! I’m Tara, and this is my blog. I write things and post tasty lookin’ pictures here. But I am in no way a writer or a photographer. I suck at both but still like to do it. I bake things for a living, with lots of butter and sugar and eggs and flour. Sometimes some chocolate, vanilla here and there, and a whole lotta lovin’. Sounds lame but it’s true. I love it.

…Anyways.. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa in 2010 with my diploma in patisserie and now I am braving the real world, working real jobs, and making real delicious things. It’s hard at times but worth every effort.

I am a pastry girl at heart. Always have been. It’s the one thing that can always cheer me up. I dream of one day owning my own bakery and dessert cafe, where I get to make awesome things with no limits.

I can create whatever I want! And no one can stop me!

Here’s some doughnuts I made on boxing day in 2010. Maple bacon doughnuts. Man were they tasty.


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