Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Cake

I’m a sucker for easy old-fashioned recipes, lemme tell ya. The kinds that you’d find at a pot luck years ago, and still to this day. Meatballs in a grape jelly and chili sauce? Awesome. Watergate salad? Holy eff yes. Cuppa cake? UGH, SO GOOD. Do you know what the cuppa cake is? It’s in […]

Cupcake Lounge Review

  Hi! I did this a really really long time ago. Sam and I went to the cupcake lounge and got tons of cupcakes, tried them all, and put together our thoughts on them! The Cupcake Lounge is exactly what it sounds like. A cupcake bakery, in the heart of the byward market in Ottawa. […]

Worst Blogger Ever Award + A Wedding Cake

Goes to me! Last post, July 20th?? Really Tara? Come on.  I guess things have been kinda crazy though, I’ve only had time to bake a few things between then and now. I moved, kind of moved again, and am actually moving AGAIN right before Christmas. But I did make some things and take some […]