Whoa whoa wee wah. Got lazy in writing new posts recently (as usual). Here’s a super awesome cherry and rhubarb tart I made, with a brown butter crust. It will take you maybe an hour and a half max to make this super easy and rustic looking little beast, from start to finish. Eat it […]

Peanut Butter Pie

Oooh boy, time for one of those sickly sweet old-timer recipes again! Peanut butter pie this time. If you haven’t had peanut butter pie, it’s basically a cookie crust, with a super silky smooth peanut butter filling, topped with freshly whipped cream. And in my case, drizzled with some deliciously mild local honey and crushed […]

mmm, pie

Pie is delicious. Guess what I’m eating before bed? Pie. Yep. Pie before bed (: Raspberry almond crisp pie to be exact. It makes me happy after a weird, long day. I’m starting on that danish soon, I promise. Just gotta get some cherries from somewhere. Mmhmm, cherry danish, it’s goin’ down. It’s happening, oh […]