I Made Cookies

Sup Homies. Today I decided I would make some espresso white chocolate cookies. In my head everything was going to go perfectly, and they would turn out like awesome delicious cookies. And even though my day had been going quite perfectly,  these cookies didn’t turn out quite right. I don’t know what happened with my […]

Bloasting on my Plog

**This post contains some minor foul language (sorry mom), be warned** So remember a few hours ago when I said I was making a super dooper triple layer yellow cake with a milk chocolate frosting? Did it. I had to wait for Sam to come home with icing sugar so I could finish it and […]

Well then, Mr. Camera!

Today The Camera decided it would start working for a bit. I took full advantage of this fact and took some pictures to show you stuff I brought home from work. It was left from the day before and so it was available for any staff to take home/eat instead of throwing it out (which […]

Slight Baking Spree

Okay so two things is hardly a spree… I was going to start making croissants the other night but I realized the battery in my scale was dead. No croissants. However a new battery was acquired so they will be happening soon and I will blog about them, I promise. For now I made some […]