Another Cake…What? Don’t Judge Me

If you know me, you know that I am ridiculously obsessed and in love with any kind of yellow cake with chocolate buttercream. I don’t know what it is, there’s just something so awesome about them that I really really love. I’ve posted more about them than anything else. Love.  I always picture them like […]

Rhubarb Cake

As usual, the rhubarb bush out back was just goin’ wild as it always does this time of year. You can definitely tell that it’s rhubarb season. It’s everywhere, and frankly I’m sick of it now. But I figured I wouldn’t let all those stalks go to waste. So I made some sort of rhubarb […]

Strawberry Cupcakes

Today was a strawberry cupcake kind of day. So I whipped some up, and I’m fairly happy with them. The cake itself is really light and fluffy and does taste more like strawberry than any other I’ve ever had, but the colour isn’t that pretty. I’m not quite sure how to achieve what I want […]

Making Macaron

I know I know, macarons are so two years ago. Whatever. I still like to make them (even though I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about making them…). They’re cute, okay? Just so damn cute.  And I will continue to make them forever. Today I made two batches. Regular, and ones with rice flour instead of […]

Things I Do

I’m full time bread now, no more pastry for me! Which is kind of sad, but cool at the same time. Oh no big deal, just laminating some brioche dough. Ridiculous. tasty croissant cross-section Bread bread bread! these are from the tea menu, there was a wedding tasting or something. cute! on this plate there […]