Caramel Nut Tarts


I made these little beauties at work about a week ago for a dinner and there were 2 left, so I thought I’d take some pikchas for you vultures and share a recipe.


I wanted to make something like the caramel nut tarts from Bouchon Bakery (and you can find the recipe here), but individual and with a different crust. I put the caramel jam into a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth sablé crust, filled with cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios. I kind of wish I had macadamia nuts and not hazelnuts because we all know that I am not the greatest of friends with hazelnuts, but I will admit they’re still growing on me so I LET THEM SLIDE THIS TIME. I got my eye on you, filberts.


Sorry for the shitty picture here (screenshot from my instagram, follow me under the name Taragone, what what), but this is what they looked like plated. I made cocoa nib macarons, coconut buttermilk icecream (SO GOOD, I’ll share the recipe another day) and a cocoa nib sablé crumble.


Ooohhh, aaahhhhh. Omnom tarts.


At first I was concerned about the tart shells being too thick, but this particular crust is way too delicate to be any thinner without falling apart when handled. It all worked for the better though, and the end result reminded me of…what’s that shit called…pecan caramel millionaires shortbread, or whatever the hell. So good. So perfect. 10/10 do recommend to make. They’re not that hard, and they’re hella good. All of your guests will be impressed and stuff. Ooh la la~~


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