A Cat and Things that are Tasty

This is my cat. This is how he lays beside me. Frequently.



These are some tasty things I brought home from work.



Here’s a not-stupid-close-up.



It smells good. A pain au chocolat, cinnamon bun, raspberry scone, raspberry jam filled doughnut, a dark chocolate milk chocolate  and white chocolate chunk cookie with toasted almonds, a chocolate-pistachio thing, a buttertart and various financier (raspberry and blueberry and chocolate). Cat thinks it smells good too, he keeps opening the box and licking the top of a financier then licking his lips for 2 minutes. You know how cats are. Silly cat, you are not a human. You can’t enjoy these pastries.


6 thoughts on “A Cat and Things that are Tasty

    • He’s such a jerk sometimes though lol. Like right now he is climbing my shoulders with litter breath trying to jump into my window. hahaha but he didn’t get any of the cinnamon bun MUAHAHAHA

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