Ohgodit’sbeensolong, I’ve Neglected

well as I was writing this my ceiling started pouring water out all over the place once again. hurray.

Weeeeeelll it’s been way over a month since I blogged about anything. I guess I just haven’t had much to blog about, really. I haven’t baked at home in a while. All of my time is spent working, dicking around, and dreaming about my future bakery (eek!). Deciding what city it’s going to be in, what kinds of things I’m going to make, and how awesome it’s going to be (it’s going to be pretty awesome, just sayin’).Working at a bakery where I bake and also deal with customers makes me realize how angry some people will get when you don’t do something the way they want. Example, we only slice one pie a day at work, even though we may have 5 on display. This is because only 1 pie or less will get bought in slices so it would be a huge waste for us to slice anymore than that. Makes sense right? Some people don’t see it that way.  Anyways, nothing exciting is happening in my life other than my dreams. The only thing I’m doing that’s different right now is looking for a new place to live once my lease is up in August. So far it’s not looking so good. My funds are very limited and that doesn’t leave me with a lot of options. I will either have to try out living on the streets for a bit, or move back home to Cambridge, but there is nothing job-wise for me there, and I know I wouldn’t be happy. Blah blah blah words words words this is all so uninteresting. I need to start baking at home again. I feel like making some danish or something. Cherry danish perhaps? Oooooooh yeah. That sounds good. I’ll try to get around to that sometime this week. Maybe I’ll start tonight on the dough…MMMM.

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