A Boring Post

Cakespy has the cutest artwork

Did I ever tell you that I ended up getting that job that I quit my other job to go to the interview for? Well, I did! I am so much happier working normal hours, with nice people who actually force me to eat lunch, and pay me fairly. It’s a super cute place that specializes in pies, and we also make scones, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and the like. A different kind every day! I love it. I have learned that pretentious fancy french pastries/bakeries are not for me. I can appreciate them, for sure, and I do like making them, but not in a huge scale making a million at a time. It loses what makes it special when you do it that way. Someone asked me if I thought going to Le Cordon Bleu was a waste now that I realize I am not fond of french pastries and that they are not what I want my career based on. No way! I learned so much there, so many techniques and tricks and wonderful recipes. I wouldn’t trade my education and knowledge I now have of baking and pastry making for anything in the world. Not even a million dollars, because baking is what makes me happy and not being happy really sucks. A lot.

WELP. Serious post is serious. I wanna make some cookies. I’m gonna make these s’mores cookies as soon as I have time to. nom nom they look so good. I do love s’mores, and cookies, so s’mores cookies seems like a pretty neat idea, dontcha think?

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