Guys. Guys. You guys. Listen, guys. Seriously. Guys. You’re not listening.


Yeah, cake.

I made a cake. Last night at 12am. Just because I was craving one. What did I make? Why a Frasier of course. Even though I don’t often have favourites of things, I would have to say that this cake is my favourite french cake. And I will admit to the fact that I can, and have, eaten an entire one by myself in one day. And didn’t even feel sick after. I am the champion of Fraisier eating competitions (if they existed…).



I know I know. My pictures suck. Well deal with it. Fun fact! The strawberries are surprisingly delicious for being January strawberries. Nom nom. And I was too tired to pipe anything on top with chocolate, and didn’t have enough marzipan left over to make a rose or anything. So it’s just a plain little pink cake, a delicious plain little pink cake. It was my breakfast this morning and a very delicious breakfast I might add. Even though I still crave an omelette with cheese, bacon, and celery in it like my Mom used to make for me. I DON’T HAVE CELERY OR BACON, SO WHAT AM I EXPECTED TO DO?? That’s why I ate cake. Cake solves a lot of problems, it sure does.

Well, my scale died when I started to make this cake. And I couldn’t find any new batteries around, so I had to resort to converting specific ingredients from their weight to cups. It ended up fairly well, though the mousseline cream was a bit soft. I must have been off on that calculation but it’s no big deal. The cake still tastes super awesome and I think I’m going to have another piece right now. Cake cake cake oh god.


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