Things I Do

I’m full time bread now, no more pastry for me! Which is kind of sad, but cool at the same time.

Oh no big deal, just laminating some brioche dough. Ridiculous.

tasty croissant cross-section

Bread bread bread!

these are from the tea menu, there was a wedding tasting or something. cute!
on this plate there are pistachio financier, carrot thyme biscotti, pumpkin whoopie pies.

more tea tasting stuff. sea buckthorn tartletts and brandy snap cannolis filled with apple pastry cream.

cute tarts

I made cinnamon buns on easter for the kitchen staff, and now I get to make them every weekend for the breakfast buffet!

cute little spirals of cinnamony goodness

proofed danishes waiting to be baked

completion! almond ginger cream+rhubarb puree, pistachios for colour

one of the co-op students kit looks like ET.

The wall crab! haha. There are lots of things at work that look like faces.


Ramps! aka wild leeks

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