Whoa whoa wee wah. Got lazy in writing new posts recently (as usual). Here’s a super awesome cherry and rhubarb tart I made, with a brown butter crust. It will take you maybe an hour and a half max to make this super easy and rustic looking little beast, from start to finish. Eat it […]

Rhubarb Cake

As usual, the rhubarb bush out back was just goin’ wild as it always does this time of year. You can definitely tell that it’s rhubarb season. It’s everywhere, and frankly I’m sick of it now. But I figured I wouldn’t let all those stalks go to waste. So I made some sort of rhubarb […]

Almond+Rhubarb ♥

I really love rhubarb. Just so so much. And it’s spring and I’ve been in a rhubarb kind of mood lately. When I’m at home on my days off, basically all I think about is baking. What can I make? And then I try to think of something cool that I’ve never done before, and […]