Lesson 8- Cakes!

Today we were shown how to make fully assembled cakes. Fairly simple ones, but we have to start easy! Then right after demo I had my practical and I made one! Chef Christian showed us the following cakes: *Gâteau Forêt Noire Moka Mexicain and simple chocolate decoration And in practical I made the black forest […]

Demo Assist

Today I had my demo assist!  It was for the intermediate pastry class, like I said before. With Chef Nicolas. This morning I didn’t think I was going to go, because I was sick last night. But I told myself to suck it up, drank some water and headed off to the class. He showed […]

Lesson 7 Practical

Hi! Okay. So this time I DID remember to take a picture! I also remembered a proper container to bring my items home. I forget a lot and end up having to wrap everything in plastic wrap which I feel is kind of wasteful (and we aren’t supposed to do anyways). I felt really nervous […]

Lesson 7- Puff Pastry Applications

Today was the demo for lesson 7. We were shown how we would put our puff pastry that we made previously to use. Chef Nicolas (who is in charge of us for the next 2 weeks, as Chef Herve is away) showed us: *Chaussons aux pommes (apple turnovers) *Pithiviers Palmiers Millefeuille Bichons Galette des rois […]

So I just got back from the lesson 6 demo and I swear to god I am feeling a little bit depressed because of the deliciousness of what I just ate. Today we were shown how to bake the croissant dough and brioche dough. For the entire lesson the kitchen was filled with the best […]

A Boring Day

For whatever reason (I assumed because we would be using the doughs we made in practical 5 for practical 6) we had demo 5 & 6 before having a practical at all. This left me with basically another weekend because I only had class on monday, not on tuesday, and then not until 7pm today. […]

Lesson 5- Doughs

Today was lesson 5 demo. Nothing really fancy or anything. We were shown: *croissant dough *puff pastry dough *brioche dough savarin & baba As usual, we only make the ones with stars beside them in practical. Which isn’t until thursday and friday. This lesson takes up two lessons since the croissant dough and brioche dough […]

Lesson 4- Tarts

Today I had my demo for lesson 4, basic tarts. We had Chef Nicolas for the first time, and a lot of people don’t like him, but I really do. He’s very young (33 I think. something like that) but he’s so good at what he does. I’ll admit I have a slight crush on […]

Lesson 3- Basic Creams

Demo was tuesday and practical was today. I have no pictures of the things we made because they would be boring pictures. In demo, Chef Herve showed us how to make: crème chantilly (sweetened whipped cream) *crème patissière (pastry cream) *crème anglaise crème bavaroise (bavarian cream) *crème d’amandes (almond cream) **meringue (french, swiss, italian) crème […]