Apple Cider & Caramel Cake

Yesterday all I wanted in my life was cheesecake. I thought about it all day, all night, and I’m pretty sure I dreamt about cheesecake.


Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Tara is drunk, that picture does not look like cheesecake” AND YOU’D BE RIGHT. Wait…no, not about the drunk part, just that it’s not a cheesecake. But it does involve cheesecake. I promise. Stay with me here.


So I wake up this morning, the dog jumps in my bed and he’s being all snuggley and making weird dog noises as he does, and I’m scrolling through facebook. I’m about to put down my phone and get up to make breakfast but then…CAKE. Cake catches my eye. An apple cider caramel cake of sorts. I look at it and think to myself “that frigging boiled caramel icing shit never works for me, what the hell”, and I click on the link and read the recipe. I’m in. I’m going to make this cake. I figured I could incorporate my desire for cheesecake into it somehow, and I did.

The recipe is from G Bakes!

You start off looking at it and thinking oh my god there’s so many steps and things to do. But it’s really not that bad. I had all of the components baked/cooked/prepared within in a hour and a half, and waiting for things to cool was what took the longest.

I made a few adjustments to make it what I saw in my head (4 layers and with a liquid cheesecake centre), and it didn’t exactly turn out quite the way I wanted. I know that’s my own fault. I had to go and tinker around with shit and jam some liquid cheesecake into it. It’s ugly, but tastes hella good though and that’s an important thing. It probably could have looked a lot nicer if I had spent a little more time on it. Sometimes I’m not patient enough.

So yeah. If you need a cake for any reason any time soon, you should probably make this one. It’s definitely worth every step. I think all I’ve eaten today is various cake components. That’s healthy, right?


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