Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Cake

It’s been some time since I posted something I’ve baked on here!

I’ve been baking things, I’ve just been a bad blogger and not taken any pictures of anything. And posts without pictures are boring. Super boring! Also I was without internet for about a week and a half. I almost died.

So about a week ago I made sure to have this cake done in the morning so I wouldn’t forget to take pictures of it. What usually happens is, I finish making something when it’s dark out. So I tell myself “I’ll wait til tomorrow to take pictures!” but then I usually give in and eat it and then never take pictures. I have zero willpower. None.

So today I made this fantastic cake.


Feel like dying a little bit? All you have to do is take a bite!

The cake portion of this beast is a chocolate cake that uses cream as the fat as opposed to oil or butter. The result is a very tender, delicate cake with a fine crumb. It’s fantastic.


Layered in between is a simple whipped ganache and a fine smearing of raspberry jam for some sweet tanginess. To top it all off, it’s covered in a ganache glaze and decorated, well, however you want to! I made a raspberry milk crumb. Cute! You can make it look a little classier if you use something like…those crisp pearls that Callebaut makes. The little crunchy things covered in chocolate. Knowwhatimsayin? Those things are good.






I really love cake.

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