Buche de Noel!



Look at that creepy little weirdo! Cone head snowman! He’s happy though.

My brother’s girlfriend asked me if I would make a buche de noel for a bake sale they’re having at her school (she’s a teacher!) and they’re fun to make so I agreed! I made some cute/tacky little decorations for it, because they’re cute and make it more fun.



I actually had to remake the cake THREE TIMES!!! I don’t know why, but I could not find a recipe I was happy with. The first two ended up dry and too thin for my liking. I blame it on the recipe, since I did it twice with the same results. Not cool man, not cool. So I did some research and then found one that seemed like it would be more of what I was looking for.



The cake is just a plain vanilla genoise, I filled it with a super rich and chocolatey french buttercream, and finished it with a lighter chocolate swiss buttercream. Normally I would have brushed the cake lightly with a rum syrup before filling it, but since this is for a school bake sale I thought I better not, haha. WHO GOT THE KIDS DRUNK!?

Then I made some little meringue mushrooms, a derpy looking meringue snowman, a little gumpaste present and gumpaste holly which I sugared to look nicer. Cute.

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