S’Mores Cake!


Made a cake. Surprise, surprise!

A chocolate cake! With a white chocolate graham cracker ganache filling, and a toasted meringue on the outside. It’s basically a giant s’more, but not tooth-rottingly sweet, and without the crunch of the graham crackers (which I missed, and would like to make some sort of chocolate/feuilletine layers of sorts, which would be awesome).


Ah, a rushed piping job! Looks like a bubble coat. This cake is all set for winter!


The pictures are misleading, because the cake is so dark it’s almost black in real life.

I used this chocolate cake recipe, but all white flour and no whole wheat. Also equal parts flour and sugar.

For the ganache filling, I just made a simple white chocolate ganache at a 1:1 chocolate:35% ratio and added some crushed homemade graham crackers until it was thick enough to hold its own shape!

The meringue frosting is this recipe, and I multiplied it by 3 and just barely had enough for the whole cake. Mind you there was a dog hanging around being hilariously cute and he just so happens to love meringue. And proscuitto apparently…


This cake was super tasty 🙂 Another one I’ll have to add to my list of “improve upon and make out-of-this-world delicious”. I see no problem with doing that!

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