Cakey Cakeroo McCakerson

I haven’t had much time for baking at home lately as there have been some changes in my life, but yesterday I made a sweet ass cake. Two birds stoned at once with this beauty (yes I am aware that’s not how the saying actually goes). This one pulled off double birthday duty for some cool dudes in my life.

Do you like my new cake stand?! Pretty darn cute if you ask me.

You might be thinking to yourself “Hey that cake looks familiar!”. And you’d be right! I have made this exact cake before, and if you’ll recall I did mention that it has become my new favourite.

And it still is.

I’m still working on getting the caramel glaze just right. Needs more science experiments though. I want the glaze to stay soft and not too hard, but I also want it to set up and stay in place. Caramel is a pretty heavy dude, so he and gravity aren’t really friends when it comes to being poured over cakes. This is when it all comes down to temperatures, my friends. Cold cake, warm glaze, cooked to the right sugar stage. Yet the glaze can’t be too hot or it will melt the buttercream, and if it’s too cold it won’t flow down the sides of the cake just so.

You’re probably all thinking “Tara shut up! We don’t care just show us more pictures of cake!

I do love me some sprinkles 😀

Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderfull
Isn’t she precious
Caramel shining like gold
I never thought through love I’d be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn’t she lovely made from love

Lyrics adapted from Stevie Wonder. ‘Cause all my cakes are made with 100% Tara Loooove.

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