I Eat Cake for Breakfast, Bitch.


Actually that’s a lie. I had goldfish crackers for breakfast today, followed by cake. So good.

A lot of people I know do not like red velvet cake, and that’s okay with me. I friggin’ love it. Love it so hard. To me it’s like a perfect blend of a chocolate/vanilla cake with a bit of a tanginess. And it looks cute with sprinkles all over it, and I do love me some sprinkles. I also love cake. So…sprinkles+cake=happiness.

I used the recipe here for this cake. It’s quick, straightforward, and tasty. You can’t go wrong!

I never grew up with red velvet cake. I didn’t even know about its existence until about 4 years ago. How crazy is that? How have I lived 19 years of my life without this cake?


Get your oven preheated, gather up your ingredients and get baking!

*Note to self: cream cheese+swiss meringue buttercream=split mess that needs to be saved with about a pound of icing sugar. Coincidentally, it makes for a delicious frosting…

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