I’m Getting Old

Ah! How is life going by this fast. I can’t even handle it.

And it appears I’ve grown a year older yet again. And it seems I’ve taken to making my own birthdaycakes. I always make something I haven’t done before. But in all honesty, guys, I love box cake. Not even gonna lie. That shit is fantastic.

But I didn’t even make a box cake. Oh no dear sirs and madams. I made a pretty neat cake.


BEHOLD! The magnificent strawberry pocky cake!


It was so much fun to make. Just so so so so much fun. I got the idea from a picture I saw on Pinterest (oh Pinterest, you sly devil, you).


The layers are of white velvet cake brushed with kirsch syrup, strawberry buttercream, almond dacquoise, jelled strawberry coulis. So good.

In retrospect, I should have sandwiched the jelly between cake or dacquoise, as the moisture caused the buttercream to slide right off. I should have thought about that, but I was too excited to just get it all together and eat it.




That montage makes me very happy.  Happy Birthday to Me!


3 thoughts on “I’m Getting Old

  1. that look so scrumptious.. i would really like to recreate this… in fact i ve been asking around on rose levy berenbaums site on incorporating vanilla and berries cause i happen to have some freeze dried raspberries with me and i really wanted to do something cakey with em =) i saw your strawberry cake recipe using the freeze dried powder but seeing the recipe is in cup measurments i shied away… rose has converted me for good =) However your hazelnut caramel cake is calling my name =) back to the point would you mind letting me know how you gelled your strawberry puree?

  2. To gel the strawberry puree I just heated a small amount of it with a little bit of sugar and stirred in a softened gelatin leaf. I forget the exact amounts, something like 1 or 2 gelatin leaves for 1.5 cups of strawberry puree.

    If you test out any cake recipes with the freeze dried fruit powder and they turn out well, let me know! I’m going to be doing some experimenting soon myself 😀

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