I Went on a Trip!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately dear folks.

You see, I went on a little trip.

To Europe.

To…Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels and Paris. That picture is me! In Antwerp! Ah!

No big deal.

While in Paris, I ate the best thing of my entire life. Ever.

The black sesame eclair from Sadaharu Aoki. Kill me now, it was so effing good! It sounds weird, but it was just so…so perfect. I want to eat that on my death bed.

Also had some other treats from there!


The salted caramel tart, zen, saya, and the eclair. Yum!


Saya. So good.


Zen. This thing contained so. much. alcohol. It felt like you took a shot when you ate it.  I swear I was a little tipsy after eating half of it.


This caramel tart was FANTASTIC. The crust was superb, the caramel was thick and smooth but not overwhelmingly sweet. The chocolate mousse on top tasted like it had a bit too much alcohol in it, but it was nice.


And of course this beauty. This magnificent beauty. I will devour all in the world. Now.

I have lots more food pictures from my trip, but I feel it would take forever to upload them all. Just far too long. And I’m a terrible blogger and lazy person, so it’s not gonna happen, haha.

It was a fantastic time. Superb. I got to eat delicious pastries and tour around various cities with a super good friend. Aside from the fact of me getting a cold during it, it was amazing.


More posts coming soon, from my birthday cake (which was on the 16th!) and some tasty chocolate stout bacon cupcakes I made. So good.


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