Cupcake Lounge Review


Hi! I did this a really really long time ago. Sam and I went to the cupcake lounge and got tons of cupcakes, tried them all, and put together our thoughts on them!

The Cupcake Lounge is exactly what it sounds like. A cupcake bakery, in the heart of the byward market in Ottawa. I lived literally 2 blocks from it and wished I worked there every day since it was so close…but I think I would get bored of making cupcakes every single day incredibly quickly.

Anyways, on to the cupcakes. We tried 8 of the flavours they had that day. Strawberry, Vanilla, Maple, Chocolate, Coconut, Red Velvet, Carrot, and Chocolate Hazelnut.


Overall we weren’t too impressed with the cupcakes. They were decent, but they were expensive, and most of them too dense for our liking or just a little bit too dry. We just prefer a lighter cake with less grainy/sugary icings. I think the favourite out of all of them was the strawberry, just because it was pink. The icing on the vanilla one was good too though. I wanted the red velvet one to be the best but for me it was the most disappointing, I guess just because I’m really in love with the ones that I make. You can guarantee that we felt mighty sick after tasting all those cupcakes. It took us a good 3 days to get rid of them.



On another note, Good News Everyone! I’m moving back home so I will be able to bake and update way more often. And way better things than just awesome cakes and cupcakes. Doughnuts! and the like! It’s gonna be so good.

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