Well then, Mr. Camera!

Today The Camera decided it would start working for a bit. I took full advantage of this fact and took some pictures to show you stuff I brought home from work. It was left from the day before and so it was available for any staff to take home/eat instead of throwing it out (which would be sad).

I didn’t want to seem like a greedy jerk so I took a louvre cake, a bread pudding, a coffee eclair and a caramel tart. I ate the eclair last night though sooo…no picture. It’s just an eclair. Nothing special. Get over it.




So this is the Louvre cake. Nom. Except ew for me cause I don’t like hazelnuts. And it has a hazelnut mousse in it.



This one is the caramel tart. Again kind of ew for me because it has hazelnuts on top incorporated in the candied nut mixture. But other than that it’s darn delicious.



There’s a thin layer of almond cream on the bottom. Nom nom.



This is the bread pudding. Doesn’t it look like it’s hovering? hahaha…you can kind of tell that the cream rosette on top is a bit old, I didn’t eat it. But the bread pudding itself is pretty good if you like bread pudding. I don’t like raisins though (picky picky!) so the raisins make me not like it as much. Other than that it’s good though. And not dry, it’s pretty moist.

So yup. These are the sorts of things I make at work. I make things like this and get paid for it. It’s pretty much awesome. I’m still getting used to waking up at 4am every day, and it’s kind of scary walking to the bus station in the dark with NO ONE AROUND. The men at the shelter I have to walk passed have started saying good morning to me and telling me to have a good day at work. I don’t know if this is normal or weird.

Also I’m in the process of making a yellow cake with a milk chocolate frosting right now. I’ve been craving one for a while. Too bad I forgot the icing sugar though….METRO HERE I COME!

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