Bloasting on my Plog

**This post contains some minor foul language (sorry mom), be warned**

So remember a few hours ago when I said I was making a super dooper triple layer yellow cake with a milk chocolate frosting?

Did it.

I had to wait for Sam to come home with icing sugar so I could finish it and whatnot. WANNA SEE? ya? ya? YAAAAAAAAAA?!!


secret messageognngsdks ya ya ya ya blaaaaahhhhh just for sam I MADE THIS FOR YOU

Lookit dat cake. LOOKIT IT! LOOOOOOOOOOK! So god damn moist it’s not even funny (that’s what she said [sorry])

Let’s go in for a closeup of the cake.




Seriously. Have you ever made a yellow cake from scratch that looked this good? HAVE YOU? I’m getting angry here, I’m sorry. I’m just so overwhelmed with feelings from this cake. The satisfaction that is the result of making a sweet ass cake is awesome. You seriously need to make this cake. I can promise you that it will be awesome, even if you’ve never baked before. Just follow the instructions and I promise that everything will turn out JUST SWELL!

I used the yellow cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen herrrrrrre. And I just made up some random chocolate frosting recipe. I creamed some butter, threw in some sifted icing sugar and cocoa and then thinned it with a bit ‘o evaporated milk just for fun. Keepin’ it real. You could find a recipe online if you aren’t comfortable to just make something up like the daring devil I am.

2 thoughts on “Bloasting on my Plog

    • Totally 100%. It would be such a homey comforting deliciousness. A bit heavier than a light sponge cake of sorts but still delicious none the less.

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