Bacon+Pancakes in a New Way Like Never Before

Bacon? Delicious.

Pancakes? Delicious.

Bacon+Pancakes= Double Delicious

Baconakes. I made baconakes today. For breakfast. How come when we’re little we are told we can’t have cake for breakfast, but then we can have pancakes? In the words of Jim Gaffigan, “Cake?!?! You’re not having cake for breakfast!  You’re having fried cake with syrup!”.


Essentially they were delicious x 8438202. You’ll have to excuse the mangled look of the pancakes. I don’t have a proper spatula so it was pretty damn difficult to flip them.

You should make them. Just make the bacon first. Then put bacon bits on the pancakes after you pour it into the pan. Flip. Enjoy.

Om Nom Nom

2 thoughts on “Bacon+Pancakes in a New Way Like Never Before

  1. Give credit where credit is due. I MADE UP BACONAKES. Well not the bacon + pancakes idea, but the name…. all me and you know it.

    • haha Sam I never said that *I* made up baconakes. I simply failed to mention it at all. My bad. But yes. You made up baconakes. We also discussed pancon or something of the like I do believe.

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