Lesson 14 Demo

This morning we had our demo for lesson 14. Chef Nicolas showed us how to make: Soufflé chaud rothschild *Gratin de fruits *Tarte soufflée *Coulis assortis In our practicals we have to make the gratin de fruits, the tarte soufflée and the coulis. Gratin de fruits is just some fruit in a ramekin with diplomat […]

Lesson 13- Mousse Cakes

Well, again it feels like I haven’t had class in weeks when it’s really only been 3 days. It was a good weekend! Lots of fun. I made mango muffins. No big deal. Except they were incredibly delicious. I’ll have to make them again and take pictures and share them with you! That sounds like […]

Lesson 12- Buche de Noel

This week’s second lesson was for the bûche de noël, or the christmas log. Chef Herve is back now, so he did our demo for it on wednesday. It was a good demo, and it was fun to watch him make the cake. It’s pretty straightforward and not difficult. It’s made up of really simple […]

Lesson 11- Dacquoise Buttercream Cakes

It seems like it has been forever since I had class or wrote anything here! But today, finally, I had class again. I had my demo followed by my practical straight after. In demo Chef Nicolas showed us how to make: *Succès (almond dacquoise with praliné buttercream) Progrès (hazelnut/almond dacquoise with chocolate buttercream) Russe (almond […]

Lesson 10 Practical

Today I had my practical for the petis fours secs. We made the madeleines, cigarettes and palets de dames. It was a nice relaxing class because it was fairly easy. Much more relaxing than last class where I got all upset and frustrated because things weren’t working properly. It was the first practical class that […]

Lesson 10- Petite Fours Secs

Today’s demo was about “dry little pastries”. These are the kind of little things that you sell by the kg because they are so small. Chef told us that 1kg of them can go for 80€. 80! That’s a lot. He showed us how to make: *Madeleines *Cigarettes *Palets de Dames Almond Tuiles Batons de […]

We’re using WHAT?

So just now I was looking over my recipes for my next class on wednesday, petits fours secs, and I noticed a strange ingredient…Wanna take a look? Did you see it? Hmm? Did you? If not, here’s a closer look: Yep! Lemon Pee!!! When I first saw this I actually laughed out loud a little […]

Lesson 9 – Pate a Choux

Today I had my demo and practical for pâte a choux. Pâte a choux is what eclairs and creampuffs are made out of. It’s a fairly finicky dough, you really have to “respect the pâte a choux” as Chef Nicolas said. We’ve been told that if you go into a pastry shop and their pâte […]

Lesson 8- Cakes!

Today we were shown how to make fully assembled cakes. Fairly simple ones, but we have to start easy! Then right after demo I had my practical and I made one! Chef Christian showed us the following cakes: *Gâteau Forêt Noire Moka Mexicain and simple chocolate decoration And in practical I made the black forest […]

Demo Assist

Today I had my demo assist!  It was for the intermediate pastry class, like I said before. With Chef Nicolas. This morning I didn’t think I was going to go, because I was sick last night. But I told myself to suck it up, drank some water and headed off to the class. He showed […]