I now live in Ottawa and am a student of Le Cordon Bleu taking pastry! I’m all moved in (forgot some things!) and settled in and met everyone in the house. I live in a house with 15 other students and the lady who owns it. It’s really awesome.

Today was orientation for all students starting Basic, whether it be cuisine or pastry. We were introduced to the chefs and went over how classes worked and all that fun stuff like school policy etc. There was tea and coffee, and various viennoiseries which were all delicious of course.

Then we were broken into groups to take a tour and to get our things and a locker. Everything was so exciting! We went home and I tried on my uniform to make sure it fit properly. My jacket was too big but everything else was fine. So a housemate and I went back to the boutique to try on the smaller sized jacket to see if it would be better, and it was. Now I have my full uniform in all it’s glory. It just needs to be ironed now…and worn in. It’s all stiff and uncomfortable.

After trying on my uniform I looked at all my knives and tools and everything. They’re pretty cool. In the kit you get a cleaver, cook’s knife, “super slicer”, straight meat fork, sharpening steel, boning knife, fillet knife, flat spatula, peeling knife, and the paring knife.

I won’t get to use these knives much in class, but I love them already. Really love them. There are tons of other things in the kit, and pastry students also get humungous whisks. Huge! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Other than recieving the tools and uniforms, we also got our schedules and binder with all the recipes in it! So exciting. I have my first demo tomorrow night at 7-10. How horrible! I will be asleep by the time class ends since I go to bed so early. I better drink some coffee or something before I go…There will be a post of wednesday’s class on thursday morning probably.

That’s all for now!

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