Practical 5 & 6- The Making and Baking of the Bread

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the things I made in yesterday’s practical. I had forgotten my camera at home so I didn’t get to take a picture before getting graded. Chef Herve said that everything looked good. My brioche a têtê, all but two, were a little bit crooked and I need to put the balls for the nanterre in the pan more evenly. Also to be careful of rolled items because a few of mine showed the seam after they had been in the proofer. But that overall I did a really good job. He kept telling me all lesson that my croissant looked really good. So much that to the point I was wondering if he was just playing around with me and they actually were ugly! But they actually were good. Then when I brought it home I was planning on taking a picture but I totally forgot and by the time I remembered it was all gone! I can tell you though that everything was really really delicious and I am making croissants and MAYBE pain au chocolat this weekend at home.  So I will take a picture then! To be honest, I have a loaf of the brioche nanterre leftover. I saved it on purpose so I could make french toast this morning for breakfast! And here is a picture:

It was so good! But the bread was cut really thick so I should have soaked it in the egg mixture for longer. It was still delicious though. Yum!

Practical was really fun. Five and six have been my favourite so far, because making doughs and baking breads is so fun and relaxing to me. I love it! Then afterwards we had our piping workshop. I need more practice for sure, especially with the st. honoré tip. I find it really weird looking and not that pretty when you use it. Then after the workshop we had our class pictures. I am pretty sure that in almost every picture I am not even looking at the camera because I was all “what’s going on!” and the photographer wouldn’t even tell us when he was going to take the picture. That never ends up in a good picture when you are all supposed to be standing there all nice and whatnot.

For next week, we are doing things with the puff pastry that we made. Then the lesson after that? BLACK FOREST CAKE! yay! I am so excited for that.

For this weekend, Kevin is visiting! We are going to explore around and things, the only places I’ve really gone are the mall and loblaws. (But I can’t imagine doing too much walking. Wearing my saftey shoes for 8 hours yesterday really killed the bottoms of my feet and now I have blisters.) I haven’t even taken the bus at all yet. Maybe this weekend will be the first time. I need to get groceries again so it will be good to have an extra pair of hands with me to carry stuff home 😉

Butter used: 950gms
Total: 1670gms

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