Oatmeal Cookies

This morning I got up early and went to go volunteer in the production kitchen at school from 8-11:30am. As usual it was pretty fun, I really like working in production. I worked with a few other people to make the boxes for a short course that is being held this weekend I think. The short courses (I think) are just a cooking class that people from outside of the school can pay to come in and take. When everything was finished Chef Christopher gave us soup and bread. Everything is always so delicious! I also had a few little pastries but I don’t really know what they were. All I do know is that they were good, even though one of them had a cherry on top.

When I got home I decided I wanted to bake something but I didn’t know what. Something quick and easy. So I decided on oatmeal cookies. I realized that we didn’t have any brown sugar in the house so I added some molasses to white sugar. The result wasn’t the same but was still very good. And considering that everything I have ever made in this oven has never turned out the way it does at home, that is a very good thing. A very very VERY good thing. I think the temperature runs a bit low on it. So now that I know that, I can compensate to make sure that my things turn out properly. And that’s good!

Now it’s the weekend! I think all (or most) of us are staying in this weekend and are probably going to just watch tons of movies and take it easy. I should also practice my chocolate piping. Whenever I do it at home I have no problems. But when I do it at school it never works. I don’t know if it was because the chocolate was lumpy or if it was too hot or too cold or what. Next time I will ask whichever chef is in charge for out practical. For monday’s class we are making pavé du roy, basically it’s a chocolate cake. Yay!

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