Maple Farm Trip and Exam List

Yesterday morning me and a few others got up bright and early to have an awesome breakfast (dippy eggs!) and then we walked to school to get on the bus for the trip. It was such a nice day! Bright and sunny and perfect for a field trip. On the bus they gave us juice and cookies and muffins, it was like being a little kid again! Although the muffin was gross and I didn’t eat it.

It was around a 30-45 minute bus ride I think. When we got there we went on a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the farm and you could see all the tubes and stuff hooked up to the trees to collect the sap. I have been to maple farms before so none of this was new to me but it’s still cool to see. Anyways, after the sleigh rides they fed us some snacks and drinks. I had a biscuit with maple butter and raspberry maple…jam? I don’t really know what to call it but it was good. Along with some apple juice of course! Then they took us on a tour and talked about how they collect the sap and whatnot (and we got to drink the sap, it’s so good. I love sap.) and showed us the sugar camp where the sap goes into the big evaporaters to be reduced down to maple syrup.  Throughout most of this we ate maple cotton candy which was so good. Had some maple lollipops, and some frozen maple on a stick. I love maple!

Well, I didn’t take any pictures because everyone else was. But I do have some pictures that other people took, so I guess I will show you some of them.




So the maple farm was fun! A lot of sugar was eaten and fun was had. Now it’s almost time for exams! After one more real demo and practical, the saint-honoré cake, we have on more lesson which isn’t really a lesson and a practical to practice anything we want I think. Then it’s exam time! The 10 recipes chosen for the exam are these:

Tarte au citron
Bûche de Noël
Miroir au cassis  (I think this was the best one I have done so far, minus the chocolate piping. I was really happy with it!)
Charlotte aux poires, coulis de framboises
Saint-Honoré  (haven’t done this yet, demo is on monday and practical is tuesday morning)
Éclairs au chocolat et au café/religieuses au café
Gâteau basque
Pavé du Roy
Fôret noire

I think I feel fine getting any of them for the exam. The first part of the exam consists of a bon d’economat, where you get an envelope with the name of one of the recipes and you have to write out all the ingredients and the quantities (but the quantities don’t matter as much as the ingredients) for a mark out of 10. Then for the second part of the exam you get another envelope with one of the recipes inside and you have to make it of course. There is more than one chef walking around looking at what you’re doing. I think that is the part that will make me the most nervous! But I am confident enough to do any of them because for most it will be my third time making it. I am not scared for the exam at all, and I think that’s good. Well, I’m not scared yet….we’ll see how I feel in a few more days…Until then, study time! And practice! I need to keep practicing chocolate piping for sure.

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