Lesson 7- Puff Pastry Applications

Today was the demo for lesson 7. We were shown how we would put our puff pastry that we made previously to use. Chef Nicolas (who is in charge of us for the next 2 weeks, as Chef Herve is away) showed us:

*Chaussons aux pommes (apple turnovers)
Galette des rois

And in practical we are making the apple turnovers and the pithiviers. That will be tomorrow at 3:30 where I am also sous chef. Which means I go in 15 minutes early and get everything ready that the class will need (like rolling pins, extra trays, rings, cutter, molds, whatever we will be needing for that class that is not included in our kits).

The demo went by pretty fast. The room obviously smelled so good, and I hadn’t eaten anything but breakfast at 8 so I was so hungry! The wonderful smells don’t help any. But then at the end, as usual, we got to taste everything. And everything was really good. The apple turnovers aren’t anything really special, but they are good. I think I like them better with cinnamon though.

Here are pictures of Chef Nicolas’ products:


Palmiers (I love these! they are so good and easy to make)


Chaussons aux pommes on the left and bichons on the right (bichons have a lemon pastry cream inside and are sprinkled with sugar before baking rather than an egg wash.)

Galette des rois on the left and pithivier on the right. They are exactly the same but the design outside is different.

So that’s all for that demo. I will definitely remember my camera for the practical so I can take a picture of my products before presenting them to the Chef. I swear I will!

On friday we get to make black forest cake! Yay!

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