Lesson 7 Practical

Hi! Okay. So this time I DID remember to take a picture! I also remembered a proper container to bring my items home. I forget a lot and end up having to wrap everything in plastic wrap which I feel is kind of wasteful (and we aren’t supposed to do anyways).

I felt really nervous going into practical. I think it’s because I knew Chef Nicolas was our supervisor and he makes me nervous. He sort of intimidates me. I think that’s the word. This was the first class that I felt so nervous for a few hours before it even started. Maybe I was just psyching myself out though because when I got there I was fine. Well, normal for me in the kitchen. I can always feel my hands tense and a bit shakey when  he is our instructor for practical.

Everything went fine, I didn’t really forget any steps. There are definitely some things I can improve on. Here is a picture of my items (not a very pretty picture though, sorry. I actually took it at home rather than in class.)

My chaussons aux pommes and pithiviers.

This is a bad picture of my turnovers, cause I thought they were really pretty! And my pithivier is cut in half because Chef cut it to make sure that it was fully cooked. Overall I think I did a good job. Chef told me that I needed to chill my turnovers for longer before scoring and baking so that they get a better colour on them. Also that I need to make sure my knife is straight when scoring the dough around the ring so that it rises evenly in the oven and not angled like mine did. He also said that my design on top was very pretty! And I agree. They both tasted good too.

You can compare the pictures with chef nicolas’ from the post below. His are obviously 100% better than mine.

Tomorrow I have my demo assist with the intermediate pastry class. All students but superior are assigned a demo assist. Basically you just go to the demo and move the camera around and wash the Chef’s tools and things when they need it. But I am really nervous for that too for some reason. I know it’s not a big deal or anything. I know quite a few people from the class, two of them live in my house. I think I am just afraid of the Chef asking me to get something and I will have no idea where to go to get it.

So that’s all for today!

buter used: 40gms
total: 1710gms

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