Lesson 4- Tarts

Today I had my demo for lesson 4, basic tarts. We had Chef Nicolas for the first time, and a lot of people don’t like him, but I really do. He’s very young (33 I think. something like that) but he’s so good at what he does. I’ll admit I have a slight crush on him, haha.

He showed us how to make:

*Tarte au citron (lemon tart)
Tarte aux fraises (strawberry tart)
Tarte aux pommes (apple pie, even though he made it in a tart mold.)

Pictures of Chef Nicolas’ apple tart, strawberry tart, and lemon tart. So pretty! They look much better and prettier when they are full size, but I obviously can’t leave them full size otherwise they would take forever to load! I hope mine look like this one day. His piping is so perfect.

And tomorrow in practical at 8:15am sharp, I have to make the lemon tart.

In demo there is this one lady who always talks out really loudly and sometimes corrects the chefs. You could totally tell that Chef Nicolas was getting annoyed by her, as was the rest of the class. Is it rude of me to say that I am happy that she is not in my group for practical? Chef Herve has more patience I think so he doesn’t show that he gets annoyed with her, but Chef Nicolas seemed really annoyed and just shook his head most of the time. Anyways,  I really like Chef Nicolas, he is really really good at what he does and so I have great respect for him. He will be with us in practical tomorrow. Now the only Chef we have not had yet is still Chef Christian.

I hope I don’t screw up my lemon tart, because the whole house is really excited to eat it tomorrow. When I tasted Chef’s it was really good. And still kind of warm from being in the oven for a few minutes to toast the meringue on top. I didn’t taste the strawberry or apple one though, because I felt kind of dizzy (which made me feel kind of sick) and wanted to get home. I think it was because I wore my other pair of glasses, and when I switch I usually feel dizzy.

So tomorrow, my lemon tart!  I hope it looks at least half as beautiful as the Chef’s.

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