Lesson 2

On saturday I had my demo and practical for lesson 2. Chef showed us how to make:

Génoise (sponge cake)
Biscuits à la cuillère (lady fingers)
Biscuit roulé (rolled sponge)
Dacquoise (nut cake)

Here’s a picture of Chef Herve’s products from demo. In the far back is the génoise. Beside that to the right is the dacquoise. Then the lady fingers, then the rolled sponge that he filled with raspberry jam.

In the practical we only had to make the génoise and the lady fingers. And then when we finished those, we got to pick another one to make. We started with the genoise, which was really tiring. We had to whip eggs and sugar together in a  bain marie which was pretty hard because you don’t have much leverage. We were working in the cuisine kitchen that day so we were using gas stoves. Because of this, I burnt my hand on the side of the bowl while whipping the eggs. It was really hot! It’s just a little burn though.  I can barely feel it already but it really hurt for the rest of the class. When Chef Herve was coming around to make sure we were using the proper techniques and things he asked me if I had made génoise before. I said yes, because I have, and he said that it showed. My folding technique was perfect! Yay! While the génoise was baking I started my lady fingers. They have the same ingredients, but different weights, and different techniques of making the batter. When I was piping them onto the baking tray, I could feel my hand shaking a lot. I guess I was feeling nervous working in a different kitchen already when I haven’t even gotten used to the pastry kitchen yet. Even though it was shaking a bit my piping was okay. When they were both done, Chef said my génoise was fine and that I should make the lady fingers again using a second folding technique we were shown in demo that has more chance of not working because it’s really easy to over-fold the mixture. So I made them and he told me that my second batch were a lot better than my first! Even my piping was really good and even. He joked and said “professionelle, eh?”. That made me happy!

Here is a picture of my lady fingers and génoise. They were all devoured within the day. Oh the joys of living in a house of 17 people!

At the beginning of the class I realized my scale was still not working (did I mention that in a previous post? Well, if I didn’t, my scale is retarded. That’s all you need to know.) even though I changed the batteries twice. Now I have no scale and I had to use Chef Herve’s scale during the practical. I need to go out and buy one now. This sucks!

On tuesday we have our next demo for lesson 3. Mainly creams and such. My practical isn’t until wednesday though. Until then, I have time to go out and find a good cheap scale hopefully! (or maybe Mom can send mine from home! That would be awesome. *hint hint* =)

Butter used: 0gms
Total: 500gms

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