Lesson 16- A Good and Long Day

Today I had a long day. A good day. I wish more of my days at school were this long. I started my day off in the production kitchen. Basically all I did was make the boxes for a class (the boxes are just all the ingredients that the chef or the students will need in the demo and the practical). There was another girl from the other pastry group who was there also and so we had to work together to get them done in time. It was really fun actually, and time went by so fast. Being in the production kitchen really helps you to understand task management. At the end Chef Christopher, who is in charge of the production kitchen, always asks you three things you learned. I think I learned way more than three things.

Anyways, right after my production shift I had my demo which began with half an hour for our written exam. It was pretty easy, but now that I think about some of the questions I know I answered a few wrong. I am sure I still did pretty well though. After that Chef Nicolas showed us how to make:
*Crème Brûlée
*Crème Caramel
Soufflé Glacé Montmorency (a frozen souffle with cherries)
Crème glacée vanille
Sorbet aux mangue
Airbrush technique for our almond paste items

It was a fun demo. Everything is really easy to make. When he was making the frozen soufflé which has cherries in it, he was teasing me about my dislike of cherries, everyone in my group laughed, it was funny. It’s not that I really hate cherries or anything, I don’t mind them but they are not my favourite thing in the whole world. I just absolutely despise the cherries that are soaked in alcohol and taste like rubbing alcohol (which were the kind used in the frozen soufflé). I guess Chef Nicolas likes those cherries…gross! They are so gross. At the end of the demo when we were tasting everything I think a small part of me died and went to mango heaven when I had the sorbet. It was so good. But then again, most things mango are amazing (mango mascarpone mousse cake, anyone? no? just me? okay). And the crème brûlée was sooooo good ( Sam you would absolutely love this so when I come home I will make it for you. You can mark my word!).  Here are some crappy pictures of some of the yummy things that Chef Nicolas made:

Chef’s creme caramel, creme brulee and almond paste figures. I didn’t get any pictures of the other things.

I want more mango sorbet now! Anyways, because we had our written exam we finished our demo just a few minutes before our practical started. I liked that because I didn’t have to wait around and be bored. When I walked in the door Chef Nicolas was standing there with…wait for it…. a cup of cherries…I feel like this joke will never stop! haha. Once class started, it was pretty easy. And we knew it was going to be. The only part we really had to be careful about was that there is only one airbrush, so we had to take turns and not take too long otherwise the last person would be screwed over and not have time to airbrush their things. It ended up well though and everyone had time. When I brought my things up to present to Chef, he had a few things to say. He said that I stirred my creme caramel mixture too much so it had little air bubbles in it (but I swear to god that in the oven mine and my partners’ got mixed up and I ended up with his. Oh well). Also I didn’t fill my creme brulee ramequin enough so it ended up over-baking a bit. It was still delicious. Other than that, he just told me to practice making almond paste roses and whatnot. I regret to inform you though, that there are no pictures of my creme caramel or creme brulee because once again I forgot my camera in my backpack. I really need to start remembering it so I can take pictures in class before things get ruined on the transfer home/don’t make it home. However, I do have pictures of my almond paste things. So you can see that!


My pumpkin, duck/porcupine/platypus hybrid, the rose that I did with the Chef, and a carrot. I think the carrot is really cute!

All in all it was a really fun day! I had a lot of fun, I really did. Even airbrushing my almond paste figures wasn’t that scary. It was fun too, once I got the hang of it. Next class we are making a cake again. Yay! A chocolate one. Yay! I am excited for that. I love school!!

Butter used: 0gms
Total: 2849gms

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