Lesson 14 Demo

This morning we had our demo for lesson 14. Chef Nicolas showed us how to make:

Soufflé chaud rothschild
*Gratin de fruits
*Tarte soufflée
*Coulis assortis

In our practicals we have to make the gratin de fruits, the tarte soufflée and the coulis. Gratin de fruits is just some fruit in a ramekin with diplomat cream (pastry cream+chantilly cream) on top, then you torch it a little bit to caramelize. It’s super simple and that’s what is so good about it. The tarte soufflée is a tart that is made with a sweet dough, then you bake it with almond cream and then you pour a soufflée mixture over that and bake it again. It’s pretty yummy. And the coulis is just fruit+a bit of optional sugar+a bit of optional water and you cook them together and then pass it through a chinois. These are what we have to make in class, it seems like it should be pretty easy. The demo for some reason felt like it was taking forever though. I managed to get some picture of the soufflées before they majorly collapsed. Here is what Chef made for us.

On the left is the soufflé chaud rothschild, then the tarte soufflée, and the gratin de fruits.
The coulis is inside the tarte soufflée.

I’m excited to make these. The practical for my group will be at 8am, so hopefully I am awake and ready to go for class! I’ll remember not to care about what other people are doing and just focus on myself, and maybe I will have a great result at the end again 🙂 And I’ll remember to try and make sure there are no bowls in my area. Hopefully everything will turn out fine!

Also, mango muffins will be coming soon!

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