Lesson 13- Mousse Cakes

Well, again it feels like I haven’t had class in weeks when it’s really only been 3 days. It was a good weekend! Lots of fun. I made mango muffins. No big deal.
Except they were incredibly delicious. I’ll have to make them again and take pictures and share them with you! That sounds like a good idea, don’t you think? I haven’t shared any recipes in a while since I can’t share my school recipes with you. So on wednesday I’ll make more mango muffins and you can learn all about them.

Anyways, back to school! Today was the demo for mousse cakes. Chef Christian showed us how to make:
*miroir au cassis
miroir au citron

They were both really good, but I think I liked the lemon one better. In practical we made the miroir au cassis, which is a blackcurrent mousse cake. I think they are really pretty. So the demo was good, the cake didn’t look hard to make or anything and there weren’t any new techniques. It was a good demo. They always are. The Chefs like to jokingly say that when it’s a good demo it should mean there will be a good practical. Which is, I’m just going to go ahead and point this out, false! Haha, the demos are always good because they are chefs with many years of practice and training and whatnot. Sometimes the practicals go really well and sometimes they end up pretty badly. But that’s enough about that. Here are the cakes that Chef Christian made for us in demo.

Chef Christian’s Miroir au Citron and Miroir au Cassis. So yummy and so pretty!

After the demo I had my evaluation with Chef Herve. The evaluations are basically to let you know how you are doing etc. Which is good because I didn’t really know where I stood marks wise. The four things he told me were:
1) One of the chefs said that I keep too many bowls in my area    ((totally not true! I always clean up my bowls right away. I think he had me confused with someone else or maybe it was that day when my neighbours stuff was all up in my space. who knows.))
2) I need to work with more confidence and not care about what other people are doing.
3) Work on my organization  ((I knew that already))
4) Work on my piping  ((knew that too, and I have been practicing!))

Overall my mark is around the class average, but I don’t exactly know what that mark is. I heard from someone that students rarely get a mark above 78%, I don’t know if that’s true or not though. But today during practical I took into consideration what he said about me working with more confidence. I didn’t really pay attention to what other people were doing and I was kind of in my own little world. It was nice! And I honestly think that this cake is the best thing I have made so far. Chef Christian said that my cake was pretty much perfect (except the piping) and that I did a good job (except the piping). I am so happy with how it turned out (except the piping)!!  It’s too bad my pictures are horrible. In real life it’s actually more red than these pictures look. Not as red as Chef Christian’s above, but way more red than in the picture. So I’ll let you see the cake, but just try to imagine it WITHOUT the writing on it. Or at least without the first two letters which were what I horribly screwed up on.


Oh god the piping! My eyes! Okay you get the idea, the piping is bad.
But other than that, isn’t it beautiful? I am so proud of it.
I think i will try this “more confidence” thing a bit more often in class.

So I guess that today was the best practical I’ve had. Ever. It’s an easy cake! I hope I get it on the exam day….haha. that would be nice! But as luck would have it, I probably will choose the envelope with the cake I am the worst at. Who knows, there’s still a bunch left we haven’t done.

Tomorrow I have a demo and then I don’t have class again until friday. Lots of time to practice piping and study for my written exam next week!

Butter used: 0gms
Total: 2600gms

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