Fun Things

I didn’t have class for the last two days, so I took advantage of that and yesterday sat in an intermediate pastry demo with two other people who are in intermediate cuisine. Although, they sat in for different reasons than I did (haha). It was fun to watch, it was Chef Nicolas (who is in charge of intermediate pastry, but has basically been in charge of us in basic as well because Chef Herve has been away a lot). He made two cakes but I don’t remember what they were called. But one had a milk chocolate mousse and it was so goooood. The other one had a raspberry mousse and it was delicious as well. But apparently the one they had to make in class wasn’t that easy, even though it looked easy. I hope I don’t have problems when I make mine…

Today I went to open-lab to practice my pate a choux, to practice my religieuse and eclairs.  It was alright, it was fun being in the kitchen and not being so nervous and freaking out and having a bunch of people from the intermediate and superior classes doing stuff. In the end my pate a choux were still not good. Chef Christian was running it, and he said that my size of my religieuse was good but my eclairs were too big. And they were flat, which is what I was trying to correct this time because that’s the problem I had when we did it in practical. But chef said that on monday, when he shows us the demo for the saint honore cake, that he will show us how to make our pate a choux so that they don’t end up non-round and flat. Good! He said that my fondant glaze was perfect! And none of the chefs ever say that anything is perfect! So I was really happy with that. Yay!

So tomorrow is the trip to the maple farm, that should be fun!!! I will take lots of pictures and such and post them tomorrow probably.

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