A Boring Day

For whatever reason (I assumed because we would be using the doughs we made in practical 5 for practical 6) we had demo 5 & 6 before having a practical at all. This left me with basically another weekend because I only had class on monday, not on tuesday, and then not until 7pm today. The house is so boring when everyone else in in class and you’re basically the only one home. In my house there are 15 people. There should be 16 (and 17 including our landlord), but one of our housemates unfortunately had some visa problems after they went home for the holidays.

Out of the 15 of us that are here there are 3 in basic cuisine and 1 person not doing anything.
2 of us are in basic pastry but the other guy has already finished his cuisine diploma.
7 are in intermediate cuisine with 2 of them also doing intermediate pastry.
1 person is doing superior cuisine after already finishing the pastry diploma, and the last person is doing superior pastry.

So basically when everyone else is in class it’s just me and the other guy in pastry that are home. But he is rarely around so essentially I am home alone. It gets boring. There is only so much I can do on my laptop and so many books I can read and so much studying I can do (that’s a lie, I haven’t really studied anything yet). I suppose that in the future when we’ve covered things that are more difficult in class I could use the time to practice at home. But for now I don’t think I need practice with anything. It’s all so easy for now.

Also, just for fun, I wanted to point out that if I were to make everything that is shown to us in demo’s 5 & 6 which is all yeast doughs, in total I would use 2,840 grams of butter. Paula Deen would be proud.

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