So I just got back from the lesson 6 demo and I swear to god I am feeling a little bit depressed because of the deliciousness of what I just ate. Today we were shown how to bake the croissant dough and brioche dough. For the entire lesson the kitchen was filled with the best smells ever. Of course whenever you bake anything the kitchen smells amazing, right? Well picture the best smells you’ve ever smelled and times them by about NINE  THOUSSAAAAAND!  You can’t even fathom how good the aroma was.

We were shown how to bake:
*Pain au Chocolat
*Pain aux Raisin
*Brioche a têtê
*Brioche Nanterre
*Brioche tressée
Fruits Brioche
Couronnes des Rois
Bear Claw Danishes
Pinwheel Danishes
Cinnamon Danishes
*****Vol-au-Vents Danishes with almond/pistachio cream*****

clockwise starting from the top left: nanterre, couronnes de rois, nanterre and mousseline, croissants, brioche tresse, brioche a tete, pain au chocolat

From back to front: danish pinwheels, fruits brioche, cinnamon danishes, pain aux raisin

The amount of things made was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t even get a picture of the best thing that was made, which was the danish vol-au-vents with the pistachio/almond cream. They were still in the oven when I took my pictures.

On a side note, when some people take pictures in class it is so annoying. They try to get all “photography skillzzz” and take up all the room so you can’t even get a decent picture [point and shoot, it’s how I roll] and they stand there for a good 10 minutes and they KNOW you are behind waiting for them. And you can’t get around because they take up the entire counter. I understand that you want to get a good picture, but it really should not take you 10 minutes. Especially when there are many other students waiting to get a picture, try the products, and go home.

This was one of the most confusing demo’s we have ever had just because Chef Herve made so many things.  I hope I wrote things down properly so I don’t screw up in practical on friday!

No butter tally because this was just demo, not practical.

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