So you might notice that all the posts so far have the same day on them….well of course I didn’t really do all that in one day. I just transfered it from somewhere else. My real blog! To see better pictures and more entries, please visit it at http://www.bakemetasty.com currently out of comission!  Sorry! Hope […]

Fun Things

I didn’t have class for the last two days, so I took advantage of that and yesterday sat in an intermediate pastry demo with two other people who are in intermediate cuisine. Although, they sat in for different reasons than I did (haha). It was fun to watch, it was Chef Nicolas (who is in […]

Lesson 18- Entremets aux Poires

Today was our demo and our practical for the entremets aux poires. When the term ‘entremets’ is used it generally refers to something that has whipped cream in it that gives it a mousse-like consistency. In demo Chef Nicolas showed us: *Charlotte aux Poires Poirier The charlotte was what we would be making later on […]

Lesson 17- Pave du Roy

This morning we had our demo for lesson 17. Chef Nicolas showed us how to make: *Pavé du Roy (he spelled it pavet du roi but it’s spelled pavé du roy in our books. I don’t know which is right or if it really matters.) Entremets Casino As usual it was a good demo. It […]

Oatmeal Cookies

This morning I got up early and went to go volunteer in the production kitchen at school from 8-11:30am. As usual it was pretty fun, I really like working in production. I worked with a few other people to make the boxes for a short course that is being held this weekend I think. The […]

Lesson 15

Today I had my demo and practical for lesson 15. In the demo Chef Nicolas showed us how to make: *Gâteau Basque Cake au citron Almond paste items (A rose, a rose bud, 3 rose leaves, a carrot, a pumpkin, and a duck, haha) After everything was done we got to taste them, as usual. […]

Tarte Souffle Practical

What a good class! I just got back from my practical and it was pretty good. For some reason I felt extremely nervous for this practical and I have no idea why. When I got there I felt so disorganized and lost and I kept forgetting what I was doing. I felt like I did […]